77 to 15

77 to 15 is an aleatoric archeology, and an art project for my 2nd semester BFA painting major. The whole project focuses on chance (or aleatory) finds and the arbitrary choices made from the results of those finds.

The premise is that I will reach back in time, 38 years to the year 1977, the year I was born, and create a bridge between then and now to form a kind of self portrait. I will utilise web search to find significant events that occurred in the year 1977, to discover something of the world I was born into. Because I have no memory of this time I will use recorded and archived information to fill the gaps in my history, initially it will not be a personal, subjective history but a mirror on the world as a whole at that time.

This work takes inspiration from many artists but predominantly the work of On Kawara and Douglas Gordon.

The project begins by setting some parameters.

1. The first parameter is that I will look only at the dates that comprise the semester that the project will be produced within. 13 July to 26 October. I will search these dates retrospectively: I will focus upon the year 1977, the year I was born.

2. The second parameter is that I will use only google web search to research those dates. Search results will be filtered in this way: ONLY results or ‘events’ that are deemed significant enough to make it to Google’s top search slot will be recognised, any events that may be seen as significant but are further down the search list will be ignored. Note: Of course I will not know what dates will yield significant events, I will search every date from 13 July 1977 through 26 October 1977 and I will document the results.

From there-on-in things will become more arbitrary and subjective.

When a significant event is found, this will be collected, documented, and stored pending further exploration.  Thus I will create a selective calendar of significant dates for that specific period in the year 1977.

I will continue by researching further into these selected events. The work will unfold as each step is completed, and I do not yet know what form the project will take, but the process will be documented at every stage in a physical journal and on this blog.

The second part of the project will be to mirror those found dates with corresponding dates yet to occur in this year, 2015. Obviously the work will produce unpredictable results, the events that will occur on those dates this year are unknown. They may or may not contain any significant event but the day will be documented arbitrarily, and the things that seem significant to me–in my daily existence–will make up the project output for that day, along with news items of the day etc.

What might I discover in this aleatoric archeology, this aleatoric journey through time?

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