Iteration 4: 10 September 1977. Hamida Djandoubi

10 September 1977 Google Web Search Screenshot

Wikipedia Synopsis:

Hamida Djandoubi

Hamida Djandoubi (Arabic: حميدة جندوبي‎) (c. 1949 – 10 September 1977) was the last person to be executed in France. He was a Tunisian immigrant who had been convicted of the torture and murder of 21-year-old Elisabeth Bousquet in Marseille. Marcel Chevalier served as chief executioner.


Hamida Djandoubi

I find it quite bizarre that you can find such images as the gif below on the internet.

Hamida Djandoubi gif

I’m pretty sure this is the actual execution. It’s interesting that it is endlessly looping as though resonating through time.

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