Apophenia exhibition

The Apophenia Exhibition

On 14 August 2015 this work will be part of a group exhibition at Entrepôt gallery, Hobart. The work is a response to the exhibition’s theme; ‘Apophenia’ and acts as a summary of the larger project that this blog is documenting. The painting below is the result of research conducted to date on the 7 principal dates that emerged by chance from Google searches.

Meme iteration 1

Lee Booth, Meme iteration 1, 2015, Gouache, watercolour, acrylic, charcoal and collage on card. 1000mm x 1000mm

Artist’s statement

According to Google web-search, of the 106 days from 13 July to 26 October 1977 only 7 significant events occurred. These 7 events–comprising random information–have been extracted to provide data, and a focal point of a series of research and process driven works. The first of which is presented here.

Fundamentally, what you are looking at is a 1000mm square, painted cardboard surface showing a 9×8 grid of 72 900mm square squares, spaced at 10mm apart and arranged on the picture plane within top, left and right margins of 55mm and a bottom margin of 155mm. This systematic framework provides a formal constraint onto which the subjective interpretation of data is painted.
56 of the 72 squares contain letterforms rendered in a bastardised version of the optical character recognition font OCR-A: a font stripped of ambiguities, allowing for the precise interpretation of information by both humans and computers.


Meme iteration 1 detail

Lee Booth, Meme iteration 1. Detail

installation view

Apophenia, Installation view, Entrepôt gallery, Hobart, Tasmania, 14-8-2015

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