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Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler

I was recently writing a paper on D.H. Kahnweiler, Picasso and Braque so decided to look for Kahnweiler’s old gallery–the place where the first Cubist works were unleashed on the world–on the web. In 1907 a 23 year old German, Daniel Henry Kahnweiler opened his first gallery in Paris at 28 rue Vignon.

Helmut Newcake

Today 28 rue Vignon is occupied by Helmut Newcake, La Pâtisserie sans gluten. TimeOut Paris describes it…

Opened at the end of 2011, Helmut Newcake was the first place for 100% certified gluten-free pastries in Paris, and is the reference for the new generation of bakeries opening up around town.

28 rue Vignon, Paris

28 rue Vignon, Paris

Helmut Newcake Homepage

Helmut Newcake Homepage

Les Demoiselles d’Avignon

Picasso, Les Demoiselles d'Avignon, 1907, oil on canvas, 244 x 234 cm, Described by kahnweiler as the beginning of Cubism.

Picasso, Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, 1907, oil on canvas, 244 x 234 cm, Described by kahnweiler as the beginning of Cubism.

In his book The rise of Cubism, 1920, Kahnweiler describes Picasso’s, Les Demoiselles d’Avignon as the beginning of cubism.

Early in 1907 Picasso began a strange large painting depicting women, fruit and drapery, which he left unfinished. It cannot be called other than unfinished, even though it represents a long period of work. Begun in the spirit of the works of 1906, it contains in one section the endeavors of 1907 and thus never constitutes a unified whole.

The nudes, with large, quiet eyes, stand rigid, like mannequins. Their stiff, round bodies are flesh-colored, black and white. That is the style of 1906.

In the foreground, however, alien to the style of the rest of the painting, appear a crouching figure and a bowl of fruit. These forms are drawn angularly, not roundly modeled in chiaroscuro. The colors are luscious blue, strident yellow, next to pure black and white. This is the beginning of Cubism, the first upsurge, a desperate titanic clash with all of the problems at once. (Kahnweiler, 1920)


Smith & Deli

I went to Melbourne a few weeks ago and had a look around the old stomping ground, things have changed, there’s less vacant spaces, there’s more shops, cafés and bars than ever. One place Smith & Deli in Fitzroy, Melbourne is a Vegan Deli and it seemed very popular, and it slots nicely into its gentrified surrounds. Complete with new ‘Old’ Signage and packaging, it is a nod to the world of old that we love so dear.

Smith and Deli Photography - Brook James-Broadsheet

Smith and Deli Photography – Brook James-Broadsheet

Broadsheet describes it…

Smith & Deli is loosely based on a traditional New York-style deli. But traditional this is not. This is meticulously thought-out vegan food with the attitude and spunk that anyone who has been to the nearby Smith & Daughters – co-run with Mo Wyse – will recognise. It is welcoming, playful, considered, convenient and totally badass.

…The fit-out references a retro, mum-and-dad-style corner shop, but it too has the Martinez-Wyse edge. It’s fun, polished and filled with elegant elements, such as the hand-painted signs, the handmade light boxes above the serving counter and the World-War-Two-era-hospital-green paint job. The uniforms are crisp, professional and super cute. It all references something vintage but is completely new and modern.

The Edge Amsterdam


The Edge Amsterdam is the greenest, most intelligent building in the world, according to Bloomberg Business…

It knows where you live. It knows what car you drive. It knows who you’re meeting with today and how much sugar you take in your coffee. (At least it will, after the next software update.) This is the Edge, and it’s quite possibly the smartest office space ever constructed.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 11.58.04 am

Axel Springer Plug and Play Accelerator

I came across this place this morning, I’m intrigued by the decor which seems to me to reference the Berlin Wall.

Axelspringerplugandplay.com Start up

Start up



The German butcher who fucked the president?


Fucked up


Butcher who fucked…

The Accelerator is a place for digital start-ups and the artwork on the walls is not scrawled by the hip young tenants but by Berlin artist Clemens von Wedel.

Deustsche-Startups.com has the scoop…

The rooms at the accelerator alone are a story worth telling. Initially, an emergency editorial team from the media giant were housed there. If the usual building were ever effected by a catastrophe, they could have immediately moved to the rooms in the neighbouring Markgrafenstrasse, and the Bild newspaper would have still appeared on time, despite everything. In the age of the internet, however, all of this is no longer needed. Most recently, artist Clemens von Wedel – who made public in picture form the infamous mailbox message of ex-federal president Christian Wulff – let off steam in the rooms. For this reason, a very special atmosphere exudes from the open-plan office of the accelerator. The paintings, graffiti and scribbles give the area a particular charm – somewhere between skater park and artist’s digs. But in principle, a good atmosphere for start-ups.

Artist Clemens Wedel at work. Photo by Daniel Biskup

Artist Clemens Wedel at work. Photo by Daniel Biskup

von Wedel remixes the Bild logo

von Wedel remixes the Bild logo


Lees Meer? >>>

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The Edge Amsterdam Video

Axel Springer Plug and Play Accelerator

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