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In Zen they say: If something is boring after two minutes, try it for four. If still boring, try it for eight, sixteen, thirty-two, and so on. Eventually one discovers that it’s not boring at all but very interesting.
–John Cage excerpt from Silence (four statements on the dance),  p 93
Boredom is interesting.
And I think this is an interesting outcome of looking at Donald Trump’s Twitterings, the results are boring.
Boredom was one thing that stood out when I was working with Livestreaming previously, as a viewer it was boring to watch people in their bedrooms talking about how bored they were. What I enjoyed about it though, was the glitch in the audio and visual due to either my, or their network bandwidth or a combination of the two.

Here’s a livestream video I captured, I did nothing but prop my phone on the window ledge and press record.

Now I think that this video is kind of boring, but really the subject is boring but the limits of technology made it interesting. In fact it was very interesting watching this boring scene of boredom magically transform from reality into interesting right there in my phone. When I look at the phone its all glitchy and magic, but the real scene, outside was boring as. See you don’t have the original to compare it to, but believe me the process of creating this video wasn’t boring. This is one of the things about art that the viewer misses out on, the act of doing and making, putting a thing together, the play, the exploration.

But Kids are Bored AF today. They need stimuli. Often they dance and sing and mime to hip hop, they like to be roasted to stave off the boredom, or do dabs. Remember when the internet was young and we didn’t know what to search for? They’re that kind of bored.

Live streaming: search?q=bored

I think #bored is the most popular topic or hashtag on Periscope, which is kind of interesting in itself.
How are people bored? People need a hobby. Art is enjoyable, this is one of the reasons we do it, I’ve discovered.
See I think artists allow themselves to be bored, they explore the boredom, this is what cage is getting at with his zen quote above.

This also reminds me of what Georges Perec wrote about the street in species of Spaces
Observe the street,
from time to time,
with some concern for system perhaps.
Apply yourself.
Take your time.
Note down what you can see.
Anything worthy of note going on.
Do you know how to see what’s worthy of note?
Is there anything that strikes you?
Nothing strikes you.
You don’t know how to see.
You must set about it more slowly,
almost stupidly.
Force yourself to write down what is of no interest,
what is most obvious,
most common,
most colourless.

Why are people afraid of art? Because they don’t ‘get’ it? Because it’s frivolous–a waste of time? Or because of the perpetuation by tabloid media of the myth that artists are the elite, but paradoxically all they produce is something that your kid could do.

Why don’t they get a proper job and suffer like YOU! Whist Rupert and I decide who’s next for the chopping block. Are they taking the piss, these artists? –made up quote by me
Insert pictures of urinals, and the lights going off and on.

Kids love making art, but it seems the ‘system’ knocks it out of us. They begin to think that art is a thing of the past, from enigmatic cave art, to stuffy, boring museums of endless rooms filled with ancient remnants and broken stuff. Then later they think that art is huge balloon dogs that cost $58.4 million. Either way people are discouraged from actually giving it a go, or even thinking about it. = BOREDOM!

Children who draw, Susumi Hani 1956

So art is enjoyable to make, but the end product might be boring, not only for the viewer but also for the artist. But sometimes it’s not, is this what people mean by good (art) or, success?

Still bored?

Here’s some musical art about boredom >>>


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