I discovered Wax whilst rummaging around in a website I found a while back called  FUSION ANOMALY

I was really excited by this site because it takes me back to when the web was clunky and strange and not dominated by the big 4 (5?). But what is it that excites me? It feels unknowable and random yet highly structured and intelligent. I don’t know what is going on here, so it makes me keep scratching around.

The site is essentially a collection of NODES so in that sense it is simple reflection on the web itself at its most basic level, hyperlinks.

These nodes lead you down rabbit holes ∞ (burrows), like this one called Projections. 

It takes you to a list of films like this one: Emergency Broadcast Network

Fusion Anomaly EBN

EBN works to harness the power of multimedia audio-visual technology into the most effective electronic behavior control system.

EBN’s techniques involve a collection and analysis of  massive amounts of randomly recorded audio and  video television programming. After a careful screening  process, the choicest bits are chosen for inclusion in  compositions using  digital sampling and video editing  in their own production facility.


And this is where I found Wax.

Fusion Anomaly Projections node

The Fusion anomaly site freaks out Safari because it is old and uses old Java

(for the comments)

Wikipedia entry on Wax

As the first film streamed across the Internet in 1993, the New York Times declaring Wax or the Discovery of Television Among the Bees an “historic event.”[4] That same year, the hypermedia version of the film, Waxweb, was one of the first sites on the World Wide Web,[5] and thus has been repeatedly cited as a milestone of Internet Art.



NYT review 1992: Atoms to Bees in Alternative Realities
By Stephen Holden, New York Times, Published: August 21, 1992

There is a sense in which we have all had televisions implanted in our heads. And those sets broadcast television’s version of reality. Who really knows what those endless reruns are doing to us?

NYT 1993: Cult Film Is a First On Internet
By John Markoff, New York Times, Published: May 24, 1993

A small audience scattered among a few dozen computer laboratories gathered Saturday evening to watch the first movie to be transmitted on the Internet — the global computer network that connects millions of scientists and academic researchers and hitherto has been a medium for swapping research notes and an occasional still image.


Another site I found that relates,, to cyberpunk, and all that.


Showing results for Mariana Trench
Search instead for Marianne Trench


A digital denzien, a cyberflaneur, a hobo with an iPhone.
So since this blog began (long before in-fact) I have been using the internet and Google to produce art projects.
Trying to crack this boring samey, twee slick internet facade, trapped by the google gatekeeper or else lost without a map, stumbleupon was rubbish, I like to try and find new ways to search.
This is why I like Google Image search, reverse image search. If I use my paintings as a starting point what will Google find?
and can I build a project from this? YES.
I like to crack open websites to appropriate their code, text and images.
Or just to look inside, beneath the gloss to the guts and cogs.
What does it all mean?
Using Safari’s Develop menu to Show Page Resources. or To Disable Styles


searched via Google images for one of the pieces of ‘code’ within the text of yyyyyyy.info
This oblique strategy usually surfaces plenty to keep me busy.

Google predictive search
The predictions selected above are:
Sexually explicit
Dangerous and harmful activity
Google search limits to 32 words
PageRank (PR) is an algorithm used by Google Search to rank websites in their search engine results. PageRank was named after Larry Page, one of the founders of Google. PageRank is a way of measuring the importance of website pages.



Harun Farocki: Parallels

Jean Baudrillard: The Gulf War did not Take Place


Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky: Necessary Illusions:

Detournement: Guy DeBord


Fake textures and sounds

 Sonic Outlaws

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