ArtReview 2018 Power 100

It’s here. Let the mapping begin.

The 2018 ArtReview Power 100 has been released.

I have spent the past year investigating and mapping the 2017 Power 100 for my BFA Honours thesis.

My Honours thesis used the 2017 list as a dataset for a heuristic process: to mine the Google knowledge graph and develop an ontology of the Power 100. This ontology then formed a basis of body of exploratory work that will go on show tonight (Friday 9 November 2018) at the #2018SoCAGS.

Revealing hidden structures. Mapping the shifting networks of power.

This year David Zwirner (#DZ5) tops the list, pushing last year’s winner Hito Steyerl (#HS1) to number 4. Zwirner represents at least 4 of the artists on this year’s list.

Notable new entries for 2018:

#metoo (The first Movement and indeed, the first hashtag to gain a position on the leaderboard).

Fred Moten, Paul B. Preciado, Nan Goldin, Adrian Piper, John Akomfrah, and Jenny Holzer.

Big movers

The biggest leaps this year are from Kerry James Marshall (#KJM68) (one of Zwirner’s artists and currently showing History of Painting at Zwirner’s London Gallery). Marshall jumps from 68 last year to 2 this year. And going the other way, Adam Szymczyk leaps to number 58. And some big leaps also for Forensic architecture’s Eyal Weizman, at 9 and Anselm Franke at 53.

And last year’s 55, Yayoi Kusama has jumped into the top 20, because Instagram.

And its nice to see Vanessa Carlos from Carlos/Ishikawa move a few spots from last year’s 100 slot to 96 this year, because of Condo.

The Frieze gang have lost a few spots but Basel’s Marc Spiegler has not budged.

Most of the main players haven’t moved too far.

Controversy has seen the obvious omissions of Beatrix Ruf and Riyas Komu, but also gone are two of last year’s ‘philosophers’ Bruno Latour (Ex.9) and Judith Butler (ex.48). But other theorists have joined the fold.

A few key nodes from last year have gone, notably Olafur Eliasson, Rirkrit Tiravanija, and Jeff Koons.

The e-flux team have also left the list this year.


The 2018 list:

01 David Zwirner
02 Kerry James Marshall
03 #metoo
04 Hito Steyerl
05 Ai Weiwei
06 Iwan & Manuela Wirth
07 Hans Ulrich Obrist
08 Thelma Golden
09 Eyal Weizman
10 Fred Moten
11 Wolfgang Tillmans
12 Pierre Huyghe
13 Glenn D. Lowry
14 David Hammons
15 Michael Govan
16 Yayoi Kusama
17 Maria Balshaw
18 Nan Goldin
19 Adam D. Weinberg
20 Miuccia Prada
21 Monika Sprüth & Philomene Magers
22 Larry Gagosian
23 Paul B. Preciado
24 Marc Spiegler
25 Massimiliano Gioni
26 Gavin Brown
27 Marian Goodman
28 Patricia Phelps de Cisneros
29 Marc Glimcher
30 Theaster Gates
31 Bernard Arnault
32 Nicholas Logsdail, Alex Logsdail & Greg Hilty
33 Christine Macel
34 José Kuri & Mónica Manzutto
35 François Pinault
36 Pamela J. Joyner
37 Sheikha Hoor Al-Qasimi
38 Maja Hoffmann
39 Jay Jopling
40 Ralph Rugoff
41 Cao Fei
42 Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak
43 Sadie Coles
44 Joan Jonas
45 Philippe Parreno
46 Adrian Cheng
47 Stefan Kalmár
48 Cologne, Berlin and New York-based gallerist making careers
49 Adrian Piper
50 Kara Walker
51 Manuel Borja-Villel & João Fernandes
52 Esther Schipper
53 Anselm Franke
54 Emmanuel Perrotin
55 Christine Tohmé
56 William Kentridge
57 Lorenz Helbling
58 Adam Szymczyk
59 Eli & Edythe Broad
60 Zhang Wei & Hu Fang
61 Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo
62 Thaddaeus Ropac
63 Nadia & Rajeeb Samdani
64 Kader Attia
65 Simon Njami
66 Sunjung Kim
67 Donna Haraway
68 Hyun-Sook Lee
69 Suhanya Raffel & Doryun Chong
70 Klaus Biesenbach
71 Liam Gillick
72 Koyo Kouoh
73 Haegue Yang
74 Marina Abramović
75 Tom Eccles
76 Claire Hsu
77 Yuko Hasegawa
78 Delfina Entrecanales & Aaron Cezar
79 Luisa Strina
80 Bose Krishnamachari & Anita Dube
81 Ute Meta Bauer
82 Mario Cristiani, Lorenzo Fiaschi & Maurizio Rigillo
83 Richard Chang
84 Cecilia Alemani
85 Matthew Higgs
86 Almine Rech
87 Arthur Jafa
88 Pablo Leon de la Barra
89 Tim Blum & Jeff Poe
90 Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev
91 Massimo De Carlo
92 Wang Wei & Liu Yiqian
93 Tim Neuger & Burkhard Riemschneider
94 John Akomfrah
95 Eugene Tan
96 Vanessa Carlos
97 Patrick D. Flores
98 Felipe Dmab, Pedro Mendes & Matthew Wood
99 Ari Emanuel, Victoria Siddall, Amanda Sharp, Matthew Slotover
100 Jenny Holzer

…See more over at ArtReview

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