fUSION Anomaly ⌘ (revisited)

A ∞ Ω

ENTER: omega point eschaton template

fUSION Anomaly. [history ends in green]

fUSION Anomaly [period/full stop]

unite by one
divide by zero

Jupiter ☞ ?


Memetic flowchart on Indra’s Net_Node Entry to curation of atomjack

Nodes: []

ArtNode [art: the notion of art]
t h e s t a t e o f t h e a
r t . . .
Tech Nique

EntitiesNode [Entities]
b e i n g e x i
s t a n t . . .

ThoughtsNode [philosophy: thoughts, philosophies leaning towards new edge and cyberian concepts]
h e w o r l d i s b u t a n o t i o n . . .
Synaptic Ether

FlavorsNode [Flavors]
o n t h e t i p o f m y
t o n g u e . . .

RealmsNode [Realms]
s p a c e / t i me v e c t
o r s . . .

MusicNode [Resonance]
r e s o n a n c e
i s f e r t i l e . . .

604 [604 goa trance psychedelic trance]
c e n t e r i n g 6 0 4 . . .
604 Psychedelic Trance

culturejamming [Culture Jamming]
f i g h
t t h e p o w e r . . .
Culture Jamming

consciousness [Consciousness]
p a n p s y
c h i s m . . .

now [Now]
h e o n l y t h i n g e v e r . . .

TechNode [technology/mysticism]
s y n t h e s i s o f s c i e n
c e a n d m a g i c k . . .

FilmNode [film, movies: Reel to Real fast moving stills, capturing the notion of a created reality,perceived illusion, on 2 dimensional flat surface. next step: 3d renderings (us).]
t h i r d e y e m i n d . . .

PresenceNode [Presence]
c o n g r e g a t i o n s . . .

WordsNode [writings: words, textual expressions, online zines]
i n t h e b
e g i n n i n g w a s t h e w o r d . . .

EssenceNode [Essence]
e x u d i n g a b s o r p
t i o n . . .

CreaturesNode [Creatures]
r e a l a n d i m a g i n
a r y . . .




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