Visions of Heaven and Hell


(Written by Mark Harrison, Narrated by Tilda Swinton)

There will be no armageddon, there will be no sudden ending.
We will see our children grow and theirs grow after them.
For 50 years we awaited the future with a mounting sense of fear.
Our path to the next millennium seemed certain to be lit by the bright lights of a nuclear conflagration.
But now as we raise our eyes we see that we have almost made it.
To the year 2000 and beyond…

…And our minds are no longer filled with sharp fear.
But with something just as frightening.
An aching sense of slow decline.
Of a world without direction.
The future drifts out before us, inviting us to take control.
Sometimes we feel we know too much about our planet, each war, each starving stranger.
And we know that no idea, no dogma or belief can claim to hold an answer.
Yet we yearn to find a vision to hold on to something strong, to carry us ahead.
But now voices can be heard, we have heard them many times before, but this time we so badly want to listen.
They tell us do not fear we will not go empty handed into the next thousand years.
There is something that we always carry, that we never can put down, that sometimes seems to lead us and other times to follow.
Technology, technology is with us!
As we look towards the century’s end and the world in disarray, we feel so empty handed.
When we want to find some answers, technology is calling and its offering us its promise, to give us something new, to make the future shiny, to brighten the millennial gloom.


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