This blog acts as a supplementary  journal for the art research project 77to15 (An aleatoric archeology) by LB, it is intended to be a permanent record of the evolving project.

77t015 is a project spanning the years 1977 to 2015. The focus of which is primarily on the 106 days from 13 July to 26 October 1977.

“77to15 will focus upon the 106 days that the project will take place within (from 13 July to 26 October 2015); these dates act as a metaphorical boundary. The dates will be examined retrospectively and will focus on the year 1977, the year the I was born, the first date being my 18th day in the world. The 106 days will span a period of my life that I have no memory of, just as I am yet to create memories of these days in the future.”

– LB 2015